Cura dei capi

Care of garments

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Care of hand-knitted wool garments.
By following the indicated care you will have the sensation of holding a new sweater in your hands every time you wear it.

Our advice…

1. Air out

To remove cigarette or food odors, leave your knitted wool clothing on a towel for an hour in the open air.

2. Give it a rest

Let wool clothing rest for 24 hours before wearing it again. This gives them a natural elasticity and gives the wool fibers time to recover and take on their original shape again.

3. Refresh

Woolen items can be refreshed after removing them from the package or wearing them by hanging them in a steam bath. The moisture from the steam removes wrinkles.

To steam a garment, the steam from the iron is sufficient or even simply hanging the garment in the bathroom, whose humid environment is sufficient for the sweater to absorb the necessary humidity.

4. Peeling and shave wool

The appearance of peeling on sweaters is caused by rubbing the garment in daily use; modern wools are particularly subject to this effect; to obtain the necessary softness, the twisting of the yarns is less than in the past and the air cushions that form between the fibers further expose them to the peeling formation process. Process particularly evident in carded wools.
At the end of the season, before putting the woolen items in the wardrobes for the following winter, the sweaters are "caressed" with the wool shave
(easily purchased online or at household appliance chains) by passing it across its entire surface with slow, circular movements.

For correct cleaning of packaged items
with our wools we recommend following this procedure...

1. Washing

Hand wash the sweater with mild, high-quality wool soap and warm water.

2. Drying

Dry the sweater flat on a towel in a warm environment, avoiding direct contact with the sun's rays.
Hanging a wet sweater leads to its deformation due to the weight of wet wool.