Care of Hand Knitted Wool Garments

To ensure that your hand-knitted wool garments always maintain their freshness and softness, carefully follow our care advice:

1. Aerate:
To eliminate odors such as smoke or food, leave clothes lying on a towel in the open air for at least an hour.

2. Rest:
After wearing the garment, let it rest for at least 24 hours. This allows the wool fibers to regain their natural elasticity and recover their original shape.

3. Refresh:
To remove any creases, you can expose the garment to steam. You can do this with an iron or simply hang it in the bathroom during a hot shower.

4. Removing Knots and Pilling:
Pilling on wool garments is normal, especially in modern wools. To remove knots, use a rasalana by gently passing it over the surface of the garment with circular movements.

For adequate cleaning of garments made with our wool, carefully follow this procedure:

1. Washing:
Wash the garment by hand with a delicate detergent specifically for wool and warm water.

2. Drying:
Dry the garment flat on a towel in a warm environment, avoiding direct exposure to the sun's rays. Hanging wet clothing can cause warping due to the weight of the water in the wool.

By following these guidelines, you will keep your hand-knitted wool garments in optimal condition, ensuring they last a long time and feel fresh every time you wear them.